Despite Malcolm, Nebraska's small size, it offers a wealth of recreational activities for surrounding communities. Conveniently located between two of this area's most popular lakes: Pawnee and Branched Oak, Malcolm offers a variety of fishing and water recreation.

Pawnee State Recreation Area is a state recreation area in southeastern Nebraska, United States. The recreation area surrounds the 740 acres Pawnee Lake, located approximately 4 miles west of Lincoln. The recreation area is managed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Branched Oak State Recreation Area features the largest lake in eastern Nebraska and has long been a popular spot for fishing, boating and camping. Approximately 1,800 acres of water, along with well-maintained campsites, two swimming beaches, hiking trails and an equestrian campground draw visitors from near and far. A marina offers fuel, bait, boat rental, concessions and a bar and grill.

Those looking for a bit dryer experience can find comfort in the fact that Malcolm has two separate parks.

  • Larry Murray Park is located on the edge of town and offers beautiful picnic settings, as well as being a great place for the High School's science classes to understand nature.
  • Harriet Circle Park is located in the residential sector of Malcolm. It offers various playground equipment. Rarely will one drive or walk by this sunken park and not notice the laughter of the town's children enjoying its facilities.

Malcolm also has a very busy baseball/softball field, with two additional fields currently under construction.


Pawnee State Recreation Area
3800 NW 105th St,
Lincoln, NE 68524
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Branched Oak State Recreation Area
12000 Branched Oak Rd
Raymond, NE 68428
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Larry Murray Park
Nebraska S55M
Malcolm, NE 68402

Harriet Circle Park
Harriet Circle
Malcolm, NE 68402

Malcolm Ball Field
8990 NW 105th St
Malcolm, NE 68402